MARTIN’S JOURNEY / 2012 / documentary

Martin Wolff was the only member of his family to survive the Holocaust. After his liberation from the concentration camp Dora – Mittelbau, he came to Ghent, Belgium. He got married and started a family with 7 children. Like many survivors of the Holocaust, Martin remained silent about his experiences for a very long time. In November 2012 the 7 children of Martin traveled to Germany and Poland in search of clues about their father’s life. The film ‘Martin’s Journey’ follows them during that trip.

The film is commissioned by The Peace House in Ghent, Belgium.

CREW: written & directed by Thom Vander Beken / director of photography: Jonathan Wannyn / sound: Andre Philips / editing & grading: Xavier Pique / mixage: Andre Philips & The Image and Sound Factory / production assistent (Poland): Piotr Kunisz / voice-over: Marc Vanderhauwaert / archival footage: Steven Spielberg Film and Video Archive, Hannah Lieberman-Levi.


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