LOST IN TRANSITION / 2008 / documentary

Dado arrived in Serbia as a Serbian refugee from Croatia. The war that made an end to Yugoslavia also ended his carefree childhood on the countryside. His dream is to become a famous actor, but so far he never had enough energy to start his studies.

LOST IN TRANSITION tells the story of this generation in Serbia that grew up during the nineties, and that now tries to find a way into the future.

CREDITS: written and directed by Thom Vander Beken / producer Bart van Langendonck / director of photography Rik Zang / sound Marijn Thijs / camera assistant Olivier van Tendeloo / assistant to the director Tatjana Kozar / editing Simone Rau / sound mix & edit Yves Demey | sonicville / color grading Olivier Ognieux | paprika / title sequence Frank Scherbaum

FESTIVALS / PRIZES: Astra International Film Festival (Romania), Yerevan International Film Festival (Armenia), The Salina DocFest (Italy), DokuBazaar festival in Ljubljana (Slovenia), 13th Documentary Film Festival Belo Horizonte (Brazil, 2009)

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