THE LAST JEWISH WEDDING / documentary / script

It is June 29th, 1942.  20-year old Malvine Löwenwirth and 23-year old Kopel Brandstätter get married in one of Antwerp’s many synagogues. It is one of the last Jewish weddings before the Nazi’s start deporting the Jewish residents of the Belgian city. The only surviving picture of that day shows the bride and groom wearing their yellow star. After the war, very few of the people who attended the wedding will return alive.

Eighty years later, a group of Antwerp students meet relatives of the Jews who survived. But they also meet relatives of those Belgians who collaborated with the Germans and were involved in the arrest and deportation of the Jewish population. A small minority actively collaborated with the Nazi’s, but most Belgians looked away and remained silent. Very few resisted and offered help to their Jewish neighbours.

The film raises questions about the need to remember. How can  youngsters with a multicultural background in today’s Antwerp try to make sense of this painful past? A past that might not be their own but that continues to deeply influence the society they grow up in.

Script funding by the Flemish Audiovisual Fund (VAF). Produced by Quetzalcoatl.

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